Working on a plane

You travel, and you need to accomplish stuff, but well the seat is small, the workspace is cramped, your shoulders constantly shrugged. you you’re trying to work on a place.

As a guy too close to 6″ tall and a XXL, working on a plane is a chore. Heck sitting on a plane can be a chore, let alone trying to keep yourself productive, comfortable and maintaining some sort of sanity.

How do I survive working on the flight I am on?
A few key tips that may help
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Giving back to get ahead

The best way to get better at something is to practice. To make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes. Unfortunately work isn’t always the best place to practice your management skills. If you make a mistake with an employee, the ramifications can be huge. Your team won’t trust you, won’t know how to react, or worse yet feel you’re not a good manager.
You need a place to see where you can lead from the front, taking charge and having the people follow you, or if you should step back and direct traffic. Obviously each method has its own place, but where is that line, and how to people react when you change from one to the other.

Where can you find a place that will give you the room to try different ways of managing, where the risk is low to you, but the upside is high?

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The Ethical Marketer’s Guide to Naked Apologies

The ethical marketer's Gide to Naked ApologiesYou made a mistake.

You screwed up.

It’s time to apologize, but you still want to salvage the situation.

How do you do it?





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Dispatch from Citrix Synergy: registration day round up

Moscone Center - Citrix Synergy 2012

Today was hte opening day of the Citrix Synergy show, and wow what a day it was.

This was the travel day, there was an opening session and it was first opportunity to see the show floor.

THis is the first installment of my quickly written and poorly edited CitrixSynergy dispatches, where I will daily post a  collection of thoughts and my timeline of what I did.


Please note I did sign an NDA on many items so there is something things I will see I can’t talk about.




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I am Sorry

I am SorryFor those of you who come to this blog regularly and like to see great content, and have noticed a market drop off in the number of posts. I am Sorry. I haven’t posted like I want to. There are many reasons for this, and I won’t go into any excuses. Since I don’t like them when they are given to me, I also don’t give them either.


I do have some exciting new items coming up.

Yes, there will be awesome new posts, as I have been busy working on a few exciting things. I have a new become the manager series that is in process all covering great topics that managers go through on a daily basis. The goal is to post them once every 2 weeks, with other great content filling out the schedule.
This series will cover:

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • coaching
  • One on One meetings
  • Feedback
  • Budgeting
  • And Many other key items

Another great thing is I am attending the Citrix Synergy conference. I will attempt to live blog the keynote, write daily updates as to what I learned, and give great advice on how to prepare for a conference.

So Stay tuned, and leave some ideas of things you want to see below.


Secret key to success: Documentation

Secret Key to success: DocumentationHave you ever worked with the guy who doesn’t want to give up any control over the things they are responsible for?

You know the one who won’t document, woun’t train anyone.

The one who thinks if they are the only one who knows the system, they have job security.

The guy that never gets them promoted, and never gets them working on more exciting projects and initiatives.

I learned how to be a better manager by working with that guy, and you can too.

What did I learn from that guy?

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7 Tips for Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the PunchesEveryday something unexpected comes up. It could be as simple as a flight delay, or as complicated as a recall of the computers you just setup. Your want to scream, you feel you need to swear.

It doesn’t need to be this way

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Selling is not a four letter word

Selling is not a four letter word
How a manager learns to sell

Selling is often a dirty word, it brings to mind shucksters and snake oil salesmen who can over promise and have no hope of delivering. My perceived inability to sell is exactly why I got into IT in the first place. The problem is I sell something every day.

You do too

21 things becoming a father reminded me about management

22 things becoming a father reminded me about management
The day I became a father, it changed my life and made me realize how similar it is to managing the people I am lucky enough to work with. Below is a listing of items that I realized within the first three days of having my baby.

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An IT Manager making the case against new technology

The tools Your staff use are outdated and inefficient. Your reports don’t reflect what is actually going on. Software vendors tell you they have the answer to all your problems.

This sounds great, but it can be expensive. Almost every year a major company nearly goes bankrupt because of runaway costs in implementing a software system.


Too often, a technology is picked before there is a firm understanding of what is needed.
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Finding additional help for free

You have too much to accomplish. There aren’t enough hours in the day, your team is far beyond working at maximum capacity and you need to find that exact right product that will fulfill your latest needs. You don’t know where to start, and you certainly don’t have the time to embark on a proper project to research and find the right product to meet your needs.

instead of buying the first product that comes along, do you ever wish you had someone who would be there to help you not only find the product but get it for you at a great price, be able to beat up some of the suppliers when they are late, and is willing to do that research for you?

The fact is you do have this person, and your just not utilizing them to their fullest capability
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The Hardest Job in IT

“The hardest job in IT right now is being the Manager of End User Technology” – Kirk, my VMWare Rep

This week I got to meet with two different manufactures of Virtual desktop equipment. Citrix and VMWare. During my meeting with VMWare, Kirk dropped that line, and I sat there thinking oh good thing, the hardest job is my job….

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Vegas SuperNap an IT Managers tour

During a recent Vegas vacation. I was able to visit switch networks SuperNap. Now while they can’t officially tell you who their clients are, and I pretty much signed my life away just to get in, I won’t tell you either, but let’s just say, they have, any big companies, that needs lots of servers and consume ridiculous amounts of data. Think governments, online schools, online payment systems, casinos, virtual machines, movies and broadcast television. This place is an IT Managers dream data center.

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Reviewing Tablets for Business Part 1 – Criteria and contenders

“I need a tablet to do my job” is what I am told every day in many ways. Yes tablets are revolutinizing how and where people work. They take the great things from smart phones and make it easier to read. However, as an IT Manager there is more to it then hey here you go, have fun. THis is true, especially if you want to ensure you are fully HIPPA and PCI complaint, without using technologies like Citrix and VDI.

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Budgetting is easier if everyone asks for the same thing

So for the past three or four years I have been submitting a request for an upgrade, and every year it gets cut. This alone doesn’t bother me, because that is how budgeting goes.
“I want to do this….”
“Is it critical?”
“No, but it is needed.  What we have works but is old and support is questionable”
“so it works, lets wait and spend our resources elsewhere”
“OK” grumbles under breath.

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