Budgetting is easier if everyone asks for the same thing

So for the past three or four years I have been submitting a request for an upgrade, and every year it gets cut. This alone doesn’t bother me, because that is how budgeting goes.
“I want to do this….”
“Is it critical?”
“No, but it is needed.  What we have works but is old and support is questionable”
“so it works, lets wait and spend our resources elsewhere”
“OK” grumbles under breath.

Flash forward a few months, or years and the other business units are questioning why I don’t want to upgrade the software. I politly respond with I would love to but I couldn’t find the budget, They, of course, want me to pay for the upgrade they need. This used to bother me, getting blamed for not wanting to upgrade everyone, then I finally figured out how you feel is your fault.

Now, I ask them to go to the money people, the budgeteers, and ask for this. If we can get enough people asking the money folks, they will understand why its needed, and how critical it is for the business units to operate. If I am the one in control of the budget, or someone else is charged, is mearly semantics. At the end of the day its the company that spends the money, and the company that benifits from the upgrade.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out by now, this is exactly why corporations are slow on jumping on new versions of software. Its work to upgrade, and with office at $300 a license, an upgrade for 1000 people is a $300,000  decision plus installation and training expenses.


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