Dispatch from Citrix Synergy: registration day round up

Moscone Center - Citrix Synergy 2012

Today was hte opening day of the Citrix Synergy show, and wow what a day it was.

This was the travel day, there was an opening session and it was first opportunity to see the show floor.

THis is the first installment of my quickly written and poorly edited CitrixSynergy dispatches, where I will daily post a  collection of thoughts and my timeline of what I did.


Please note I did sign an NDA on many items so there is something things I will see I can’t talk about.




My flight arrived in San Fransisco at 11, and off to hotel it was. Foriutnatly I was flying with my Citrix rep, so I knew at least one friendly face to make sure I got there OK.

Upon arriving, checking in it was off to meet up with a few poeple for lunch and to discuss the plans for hte show. What we are interested in, what we want to see, etc.

The checkin was smooth, and very web enabled. It was disheartening to see that there were some twitter reported technical issues with the Citrix Summit labs, Hopefully that doesn’t happen when I go do some self lead learning.

After relaxing for a bit, and disucssing all things desktop with some new found friends, it was off to the geek speak live event. Some of the points made were good, but I think they are missing a bit on how the legal department drives much of what IT locks down, and what the end users complain about. The best line went to a n audience commenter ( paraphrasing here). I can use webMD to diagnose myself, buy medicine from drugstore.com and surgery equipment from ebay, I can even watch a youtube video on how to perform surgery but they won’t let me do it.

It got hot in that room, so I went out and checked out the samsung technology lounge. It was pretty neat to see many of the Samsung devices, in different settings, of which I’ll take pictures tomorrow.


Off to the show.

The expo opened and I was able to get an early entry. It was an impressive expo, and I look forward to discussing items with the rest fo the vendors over the next two days. Today was about getting a feel for it, and talking to a few key booths, and seeing what swag they were giving away.

Stay tuned, as tomorrow its all about learning.





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