Dealing with the pressures of the Consumerization of IT

As more and more people bring in the devices and software they run at home, the harder it is to ensure the business can run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

While the end user wants to have anything running anyway they want, after all, it is their job and they are more effective using the tools they like. Of course, this doesn’t work for ensuring items are highly available, supportable, repeatable and secure. All technical people know just because you lock the door, doesn’t mean your house is secure.

So with the positive pressure of the end user pushing you well past your comfort levels, and the negative pressures of compliance, best practices, security and supportability it is easy to feel like you are in-between a rock and a hard place.

You need both of these pressures to force you to do your best work. With these pressures, you are forced to think about how to offer more choice, but still manage to keep the regulators at bay.

Giving users plenty of choice, but maintaining key supportability, and security requirements can be really easy, with plenty of thought and looking at how others do it. How? You can take a page out of apples play-book for this. Think about the much criticized app store. You have so many choices, right? well not really…you only have the choices they want you to have. So if you want to lock people down to only have certain software, great! you should. Just give them a handful of previously approved and supported choices.

With thought, and the necessity of being pushed past your comfort zone you can achieve much more then you ever thought possible, and make life easier for you and your end user.




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