Finding the right place for everything

As an IT manager, you are always asked to make due, to think outside the box and to enhance tools to work beyond their limits. When you must make these tough decisions of how am I going to make what do that??? You need to think about one key thing, is this system or process the right place to do that work.

So at the company I work for, we have 3 different systems all for messaging and giving information to the people who need it. Email, a sales CRM solution, and an internal face book type system. Of course some in our business want to extend our HR system to perform the same actions. The biggest question that should be asked is where should I go to find the information? Is one central place the ideal spot for all communication?
To answer those questions, a few key factors need to be kept in mind, ownership, confusion and consolidation.

Many consolidated systems fail, because while they do contain every piece of information, they are not laid out in a logical manner for everyone. Yes searches help, a lot. Have you ever searched for something and found 100 references to the wrong thing you are looking for?

Of course we need to ensure we know who owns the information, is it sales, who is writing it? HR who Publishing it? IT who is managing the servers it is on?

How easy is it for the end user to find the info? Is it where they would go to find that information anyway? How many screen clicks and logins do they need to perform to get the info? Is the same info linked to in 3-4 different places, or just one?

At the end of the day, you need everyone to find accurate and reliable information quickly and easily. If you give them any excuse not to find the info needed, they won’t.


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