Information Technology Manager – avoid saying No

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have been asked something and the answer is no. It ‘s not that the I don’t want to expand on it, but well sometimes writing an email with the word no is easier, especially when I am typing on m phone during a meeting I need to pay attention to but am not.
This is hard, hard on my staff, hard on my peers and hard on the PMs I work with. So not I try to go with No. I try to get them to come up with that answer.

The decision you are most likely to believe in and fight for is the one you made.

For example:

Can I have Microsoft Visio, to create process diagrams? I used to say one word: no.

Now I say: What does PowerPoint not do for you in this area? Usually the answer is I didn’t think of that, or I don’t know how. Those are easier to get resolved via training or templates.

Or “Can I get the upgraded office?” and the reply is “Do you have the X amount in licensing? “

Sometimes you have to say no. Say it, don’t be a jerk about it, but explain why you came to that decision. They still will not agree, but they will have a better shot of understanding. If they understand, they are more likely to be onboard with it.

Either way, if it was their idea, they will fight for it, even if you helped them get to it.


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