IT Manager – How can I ensure that my staff is doing their job?

Well the truth is you can’t tell if they are “doing their job”.  You can only tell the quality of the work that they output. For me and my style, it isn’t about what are they doing, but what are they accomplishing. If you spend 8 hours a day watching soap operas at home, I don’t care. If you can’t get your specific task done on the agreed upon timeline, then I really care. This is the overused cliché, you get what you measure.

How do I actually do this? Well really look at how you deal with any 3rd party vendor.  You agree upon a service, you establish a timeline and check in with how it’s going. Now with your staff, you’ll want to be much friendlier then you can be with vendors, but the same principles apply. You need to establish clear direction, defined timelines and being available for any questions or ideas they may have.

Not all areas are able to completely switch to this type of working style. For example, a help desk the desk needs to be staffed certain hours. They still benefit greatly from the accurate measurements, just not a flexible approach to working hours. The deployment team however works better with flexible hours. I know plenty of programmers who can’t write a lick of code in the daylight, but once the sun goes down they are a coding machine.

Remember, you get what you measure. If your results aren’t what you need them to be, change what metrics you are looking at.




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