Laziness as a key to success

What??? Can that headline be right, how can my laziness be a key to my success?

It all comes from the definition of the word laziness, I am not talking about the I want to be at home sitting on the coach eating potato chips laziness, I am referring to the Larry Wall, spend 3 days of effort to save 5 minutes.

Saving steps, reducing time spent are all aspects of being lazy. You need to cut waste out of every process. This means everything needs to be looked at, do 5 people really need to be involved in making that decision, or does 1 person need to make it and 4 others be informed? By taking people, and steps out of a process, the whole thing becomes easier, purchases take more time the more people that need to sign off on it. Programs become infinitely more complex the more options you add to them.

If you think of a child’s lemonade stand, what do they need to sell lemonade? Cups, and lemonade. Everything else is optional. The table, the sign, the chair, the ice cubes, the music, the cash box. Everything aside from the lemonade and something to give it to you in. Should all of these optional items be dropped? No, but each additional item needs to be ordered prioritized and decisions made as to why it should be included and what benefit it has.

So the more time and effort you spend cutting the waste, being lazy (or if you want a better way to sell it, following lean principles) will save you time energy and effort in the long run.

No one ever said being lazy was easy.


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