Revisiting Processes and past Decisions

Most companies have a great way, and follow a schedule to revisit their knowledge base articles, but how often do they review their processes, for both hardware and software?

I try every year, long in advance of budget season to look at everything my team does and determine, do we still need to do this? Is there a better way?

For example we build images for our PC computers, is an image with the additional software better then a scripted install? When is the right time to upgrade software, should I upgrade away from IE8 to IE9? What about the other browsers like chrome firefox and opera? Do I only rely on end of support dates, or jump the first chance I get? Of course much of this descision has to do with what legal, compliance, and the budgeteers have to say, as things cost money and have risk.

I receive calls weekly from hardware vendors asking me to switch brands, or upgrade to their new products. As much as I want to do southwest airlines plan of only using 1 model, as they do with the 747 jet, this isn’t realistic, one vendor however may be.

Just because something made sence a week, a month or a year ago, doesn’t mean it makes sence now. Last year a netbook made sence for most people, now with tablets and fully functional laptops being the same price, they don’t make sence in most cases.

If your not continually seeing if everything you use is the best for your needs, you are setting yourself up for future failure.

Sadly the descision isn’t always only up to you, but you need to be on top of it for when it needs to change.


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