7 Tips for Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the PunchesEveryday something unexpected comes up. It could be as simple as a flight delay, or as complicated as a recall of the computers you just setup. Your want to scream, you feel you need to swear.

It doesn’t need to be this way









How do I know about this?
A few weeks ago I was at a setup for a new facility, our first in a new country. Thankfully I know a number of people in town, and am therefore able to get things way outside my area of expertise done.

The following things happened while I was away from my family:

  • I had to convince people not to take over offices that don’t belong to their group, as someone else uses them.
  • Every computer I just installed was recalled, and I was told to stop using them immediately
  • We had an issue where we needed a garbage dumpster to arrive ASAP, and were told won’t happen today
  • I got lost driving around town
  • Parts were on back order and needed to be sourced locally
  • My flight was delayed for four hours
  • My baby turned one month old, and I missed it

Sounds like a bad week eh? Well actually it was a great week and here is the 7 tips why:

  1. You can only control what you can control
    1. Things are always going to go awry so if it isn’t something you can control, don’t worry about it. Yes this is easier to say then to do.
      1. I couldn’t do anything about the flight delay, so I sucked it up, met some interesting people and had a beer. It was making the best out of a bad situation
  2. If you know someone who can help in areas you can’t control leverage them
    1. Hey, just because you can’t control it doesn’t mean someone else, hopefully a friend, isn’t able to control it.
      1.  I used this with the garbage situation, I know someone in that industry, who was able to help us through the process. Yes I owe him huge now.
  3. Formulate a plan, and follow it
    1. So often people either don’t have or make a plan, and almost as bad, they don’t follow it.
      1.   My product reps and I came up with a great plan for the recall, and now it is being followed
  4. Ensure you have cultivated a great team and rely on them
    1. Yes, I lost who was my top performer. You know what, the other guy on my team is awesome as well. He wasn’t the top performer because he is newer to the area, and focused on slightly different tasks.
  5. Find other ways to be productive
    1. If you are waiting on something, find another way to keep things moving. I don’t know a single person who only has 1 project going, and if they do, they could probably clean up their email, clean their desk. You have a list of tasks that need to be done, keep rolling with them
  6. If you spend any time complaining about the situation you’re not helping solve it
    1. When I had to explain how a standard site is setup, I started to complain to everyone. Quickly I realized this is getting me know where, so tackle this head on.
  7. Relax there will be a tomorrow
    1. Hey, what is the worst that can happen? Make a list of everything that you think can go wrong and you’ll realize it is not so bad.

So kick back, enjoy the trip because the journey is way more fun than the destination. That isn’t to say everything is bambi and rainbows, it is to say that if you don’t enjoy it, you better either find a way to, or find a different role.




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  1. JamesW

    These are some really useful tips, thanks for sharing Kraig.

  2. Umar Farooque

    Got your blog through your guest post on problegger.net for “How Writing Confidently, Quickly and Effectively Saved my Blog”. You really wrote such a good inspiring post. Thanks…

  3. Kraig

    Thanks Umar, it was an awesome opportunity, and I am glad you liked the post!

  4. Kraig

    Your Welcomes James. Thanks For stopping by!


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