Surviving the Budget Season

Generally when fall comes, so does the infamous budget season. As an IT Manager, you would think this is like Christmas time for accountants. Really I think they like to be more like scrooge, then Santa. As with everything there are a few key items you need to be aware of so you can protect and fight for what is right.

Your budget will be cut.
Its reality, so brace for it. internally ( and maybe on a piece of paper no one will ever see), rank what you want to accomplish. Also, if your budget is typically cut by 20%, estimating the costs on everything at 25% over actual may not be a bad idea.

You have no way of knowing today, what you will do 14 months from now.
That doesn’t mean you don’t plan, it means you need to be aware what your asking for now, may never actually happen.

Technology changes faster then proper cyclical budget seasons allow
The computer you are buying today, will not be available at the end of next year, cheaper sometime prior to going end of life and probably will be replaced by something slightly more expensive. Also, I am sure I don’t need to remind you how quickly overnight technological sensations come along now a days.

Customers want the latest technology, and the budgeteers don’t want to spend money
That’ why you get paid, now isn’t it. Do more with less, get a budget to keep the lights on, but somehow pull out a miracle to keep everything safe, secure, completely mobile, without the hassle of passwords, given to me before i thought of it, and oh yeah it has to be free.

protect your staff
If you don’t budget to take care of your staff, no one will be looking out for them. I am talking aside form pay raises. This can be simple things like gift cards, thank you notes, team meals, team outings, extra PTO basically anyway you can show your team, you appreciate what they are doing.

Now, not every companies budget season is as bad as the next, No matter how yours goes, you will need to be creative, think positively and make the best of the situation you are given.


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