The IT Manager as a trusted advisor

This happens all the time, where the business comes up with something, and your faces on making it work, and work right or generally get blamed for the end result, no matter if the foundation wasn’t solid. How can I fix this endless cycle? As with most things, the answer is simple, but the practice is hard.


Get to know the business people, understand their goals, what they like both inside and outside business. Do they have kids? What are their names? Do they like technology? What part of town do they live in? Find this info out, but don’t stalk them, try to be friends, or at least friendly, with them. Be the guy they go to for answers on questions. If you are quickly able to offer opinions, and are always willing to help them out,

As this continues they will start to come to you once they are starting to think about an idea, not after the business plan is picked, product selected and your life is then caught in the same loop you are currently stuck in.

In the company I work for we call this being a trusted advisor.




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