The IT Manager working with remote staff

Dealing with a remote staff is one of the trickiest parts of being a manager. There are plenty of questions you have: How often should I talk to them? How much should I leave them alone?

Looking at a remote worker and building a team so they feel a part of something bigger is a trick. Web cams skype, telepresence, google chats all help. Having them feel that they are able to easily go to someone else and not hanging on every missing comma in a sentence takes time patience and the right attitude from you and the employee.

Remember “time well spent” and “time well, spent” have 2 way different meanings, the subtly is often missed and misunderstood.

Watch your tone in emails, chats etc. Phone and video calls help when starting to build those relationships. Having them understand that you aren’t a mean person who is out to pick on them.

I usually always ask “what can I do for you today to make your life easier?” It is a small thing but goes a long way. It is amazing how many times I ask that question and get nothing as a response but yet can hear the sign of relief that hey guess what we are in this together. Sure sometimes your asked to do something, so do it, or find a way to make it happen or say “I can’t and here is why.”

If your staff and in particular remote staff can understand where you are coming from, why you made the decision you made, they still won’t agree with you, but they have an easier time dealing with it.





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