Working on a plane

You travel, and you need to accomplish stuff, but well the seat is small, the workspace is cramped, your shoulders constantly shrugged. you you’re trying to work on a place.

As a guy too close to 6″ tall and a XXL, working on a plane is a chore. Heck sitting on a plane can be a chore, let alone trying to keep yourself productive, comfortable and maintaining some sort of sanity.

How do I survive working on the flight I am on?
A few key tips that may help

Maximize space.
Seat choice is key in this regard, what is your primary purpose on the flight?
Just to get there? then the seat doesn’t matter, as much.

To be entertained or to sleep? then the window seat is best, you have a hard surface to put your pillow on, and you don’t have to worry about getting clipped by the cart.

To do actual work? typing, etc. unless your super tiny, then the isle is for you. You are able to lean a little bit ( not an uncomfortable amount mind you) into the aisle so your shoulders can be relaxed. Yes, you need to watch the cart, and the other passengers who need to go to the washroom, but you’re able to type better, and have the added bonus of being able to quickly get your needed items out of the overhead bin

The seat
Sure its leather ( pleather maybe), it looks ok,  it is the most uncomfortable thing on earth. I know they need to save weight, but well is another 1/2 inch of cushioning really going to make that much of a difference? how about removing one whole row so I can sit without my knees in my chest? were they designed for a 12 year old girl? The headrest starts hitting me in the middle of my shoulder blades. I am not saying i need to recline on the flight but well I at least need to be comfortable. I am trying to work here remember?????

The tray
I like the tray, its nice, its compact it folds out of the way, it’s just far too small to be productive. When I lower it, half of the time it’s up against my belly and you can barely fit a tablet on it with a drink. Heaven forbid you actually need to adjust your laptop screen so you can see it. Remember I am big, so I have to adjust it as high as the seat infront will let me.

Beverage service
Even though it is still one of the small remaining “free” perks on a flight, if you are working, skip it. The tray is too small to comfortably house everything you need, the serving size is ridiculously small, and by default contains far too much ice. Then once you’re done, you’re stuck with a useless ice filled glass, taking up valuable working space, and are disappointed that you asked for 3 oz of pop. If you want a drink, spend the ten zillion dollars and buy one at the airport, in a bottle, because you can stick that in the seat pocket in front of you.

The seat pocket
A wonderful place of old magazines, who knows what was left in there from the last guy, and information you probably already knew, or didn’t care about. Want to shop for something useless, there is a magazine dedicated to it. Who doesn’t need a dog collar with iphone attachment? Its so you can facetime with what your dog is doing. oh look honey I can see my dog cleaning itself from 30,000 feet.

Yes the pocket is useful, but please look inside before you jam your work papers, or electronic devices in it.

In flight wifi
I am glad there is a company like gogo, it lets me see how many people think they can’t live without the internet for 4 hours. Most of the people on the flight are paying ridiculously high rates, to what shop online? check their email? Guess what, the people important to me know I am on a flight and won’t get back for a while. Save your or your companies money, do work that you need to do when you’re offline, writing documents, planning, reviewing reports. It too slow for you to be productive anyway. Plus there was an overhead page just now saying “yeah I have to reset it, so please be patient.” I am patient, I’ll save my $20 and wait the 4 hours of the flight.

Reclining the seat
To recline, or not to recline. that is the question, whether tis nobler to suffer through a long flight pitched slightly forward forward or to annoy the person behind you. You know what, do what you want, the guy infront of me did.

The overhead bin
A great place to store all your working stuff, if you can cram anything more in there. I have never met an overhead bin that had room enough for me to think about getting something out of my bag.

Other passengers
They’ll talk, they’ll cough, they may even cry. Everything they will do will be in an attempt to distract you from doing what you’re trying to do. Plus with the seats as large as they are, you better not be working on any company secret data, they guy beside you is practically sitting in your lap, so he knows what you’re doing.

Finally, a word of advice
You know what. Kick back, enjoy the flight, listen to your music, play a game watch a video on your tablet, but don’t try to work. Try to think about what you need to do, make a quick note, but save yourself, don’t attempt to work on a flight unless you have to.

Remember, If you attempt to write a blog post on a flight it may turn out to be a touch snarky….


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